Our Services 

We make it our business to ensure that our client's business is a recognized entity, equipped both practically to perform and compete in the prosperous UAE market.

Our Services

Fatma Al Moosa Advocate & Legal Consultancy provides comprehensive legal services, including but not limited to general representation, counselling, and litigation before all the courts of law governed by the UAE judicial system.

The firm offers its clients the expertise to address a wide range of issues from small labour claims to complex cases involving billions, whether through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Identifying and implementing the client's basic requirements, so that they may comply with the UAE law is a task best negotiated by experts.

We assist our clients in understanding and negotiating the U.A.E legal structure to best suit their needs. To that end, we specialize in assisting local and foreign investors and business persons to achieve their corporate individual goals by listening to their objectives and counselling them as to the various vehicles available to meet such objectives.


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Clients sometimes wish to avoid the costly and time-consuming formalities associated with litigation and prefer to use a form of alternative dispute resolution to facilitate the resolution of disputes in an efficient and expeditious manner. Perhaps the most frequently utilized form of alternative dispute resolution for resolving civil and commercial disputes in the U.A.E. is “Arbitration” and mostly but not in all agreements drafted in the U.A.E. contain arbitration clauses.

This is due to the import of customary business practice in the U.A.E. and the fact that arbitration allows national and non-national partnerships greater room to manoeuvre by lending weight to their intentions in contracts as opposed to strictly applying the law. Fatma Al Moosa Advocate & Legal Consultancy has a team of lawyers experienced in both mediation and arbitration.


Fatma Al Moosa Advocate & Legal Consultancy as a U.A.E. local law firm has the right of audience before all U.A.E. courts. The Firm has extensive experience with all aspects of litigation and can represent its client's interests throughout all stages of litigation.

Although an amicable settlement is always preferable, should things become contentious, a client may feel comfortable knowing that his advocate from Fatma Al Moosa Advocate & Legal Consultancy has been handling his case throughout its duration and is intimately aware of its history.

In matters of urgency, Fatma Al Moosa Advocate & Legal Consultancy's team of dedicated lawyers are well experienced in the formalities of applying for immediate court actions.

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