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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is one of the best ways for business owners to secure their products' identities. A trademark can be any distinguishing symbol, word, logo, sign, name, label, design, picture, title, hallmark, seal, pattern, announcement, pack, or other mark or combination of marks. Trademarks are registered to differentiate a business's products, goods, or services. Businesses register trademarks to identify their products, goods, and services. It lets businesses enjoy the goodwill and reputation of brands by preserving product quality.

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Patent Registration

Patent law in UAE was designed to preserve pioneering ideas and innovative technology, allowing inventors to recover their labor, research, and costs. Patent registration gives the original inventor complete legal credit and profits from the idea.
Inventing a new product, process, or novel method to complete a task might earn you millions. This inventive thinking drives many successful firms worldwide. The most viable alternative for a task or critical problem might deliver many opportunities. And entrepreneurs turn it into a thriving business. This million-dollar innovation must be protected so others don't copy it. So businesses must patent their inventions.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright is the owner's exclusive legal right to a creative work. Copyright is the legal right to copy or reproduce a work. Copyright registration in the United Arab Emirates grants the producers of original works the right to duplicate or use the work for a limited time.

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